December 02, 2011

Operation: Hide The Banana

It's no secret that Scout HATES banana. She hates it mashed and she hates it puréed. She hates it mixed with rice, oats, peaches, sweet potatoes, and mangos. The only time she actually ate it was the one time I drowned it in breastmilk, and even then she wasn't a huge fan. Despite this, I seem to have some strange impression that all babies should love bananas and so I have taken it upon myself to get Scout to eat bananas, even if I have to be sneaky about it. Thus begins "Operation: Hide The Banana". I will always be able to tell if she tastes it because she gives me this look that I like to refer to as Banana Face. She wrinkles her nose, gives me her best wtf eyebrows, and holds out her arms with her hands in front of her face as if to say "Stop mom, you're not fooling anyone!".

Stay tuned to find out if I am successful in my attempts. I highly doubt I will be, but it will be fun to try!