November 10, 2011


I had some serious reservations about making zucchini for Scout. I personally love the stuff. It's one of my favourite vegetables, but it tends to turn to mush when it's cooked and I thought it might be a really gross texture once it was puréed. Well, I'm happy to report that I was WRONG! It had such a smooth texture and was a beautiful yellow-green colour that was a little bit unexpected. Scout absolutely loved it. It is definitely her favourite so far. She couldn't stop smiling and laughing the entire time she was eating it!

The zucchini was so easy to make too. It took nothing to peel it, chop it, and pop it in the microwave. I only bought 2 small zucchinis because I didn't want to really commit to it until I knew how it was going to turn out, but it still made 7 1 ounce servings, which is about equal to one and a half jars of baby food.

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