October 15, 2011


My biggest worry when I started making apples was how on earth I was going to peel and cut up 6 apples fast enough so that they didn't turn brown before I had a chance to cook them. I know I could have gone the lemon juice route, but I didn't really feel comfortable doing that because I didn't know how Scout's tummy would react to something so acidic. Surprisingly enough, they didn't even START to turn brown by the time I was done, despite the fact that I'm a total clutz with a knife and it took me forever! I think the reason for this may be the variety of apples I was using. My baby food bible said to use either golden delicious (apparently this variety causes less gas in babies, which is always a good thing) or a combination of golden delicious and granny smith, which would obviously more tart. Again, because I am a total wuss, I opted for just golden delicious.

Six apples made 35 1 ounce servings, which is not too shabby. Scout seemed to like them. She made a little bit of a sour face, but she ate them all, so it couldn't have been too bad!

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