October 19, 2011

Sweet Potato

Yesterday I made Scout sweet potatos. It was easy enough; peel, chop, nuke, and mash. One thing I noticed though is that they came out VERY thick and starchy. I ended up adding more water than the recipe called for in an attempt to thin them out, but I still think Scout had a hard time digesting them because she did NOT have a good night last night! In the future I'm going to add breastmilk to try to thin it out even more. I also have to be a stickler and keep trying to get her to drink water while she is eating, which seems to be an impossible task at the moment because the girl just does not understand the concept of a sippy cup.

One sweet potato made 14 1 ounce servings. I think it's almost time for us to invest in a bigger freezer...

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